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Wedding Party

Kate Kohut

co-Maid of Honor

Kate is Alex’s middle sister and one of her co-maids of honor. Growing up, Kate was Alex’s original partner in crime and they got into all sorts of trouble together, like the time they accidentally exploded a bottle of root beer all over the living room ceiling. They like sending each other funny memes and videos, and their favorite pastime is quoting the iconic “Muffins” video. Kate’s current mission is convincing Alex and Joe to adopt a dog (she’s making progress!). Kate’s smile is infectious and she makes everyone around her laugh. Alex can’t wait to have Kate next to her on her big day!

Julia Kohut

co-Maid of Honor

Julia is Alex’s youngest sister and one of her co-maids of honor. A lot of people mistake Julia and Alex as twins because they look so alike, even though Julia is 7 years younger! Julia and Alex share a love of books and movies and can nerd out for hours talking about Harry Potter (fun fact: they both re-read the entire series every summer!). They are also both obsessed with The Real Housewives of New Jersey and listening to The Bee Gees on repeat. Julia is smart, witty, and hard-working; Alex couldn’t imagine getting married without Julia by her side!

Christine Joyce


Christine is Alex’s future sister-in-law and Joe’s older sister. Christine has a beautiful singing voice, adventurous spirit, and love of all things Irish (Christine even has her Irish citizenship!). When she’s not co-hosting her podcast, Mythical Misfits, Christine can be found spending time with friends and discovering a new favorite drink. Christine and Alex have bonded over their favorite musicals and bars in New York City. Alex is excited to finally have that older sister she always wanted!

Gabby Joyce


Gabby is Alex’s future sister-in-law and Joe’s younger sister. Alex met Gabby when she was just in high school and now Gabby is a graduate from the University of South Carolina. Gabby and Alex enjoy talking to each other about cooking and the latest recipes they’ve tried (as well as how to deal with Joe’s antics). Gabby is fun, kindhearted, and extremely creative; she recently won several awards for her advertising portfolio. Alex is so lucky to gain another amazing sister!

Kathleen Joyce


Kathleen and Alex met when they were just nine years old and they have been best friends ever since! Growing up, Kathleen and Alex were inseparable and they have some of the funniest memories together. Back in the day, they would call each other to coordinate their outfits for school, jam out to “1, 2 Step” on AOL Music, and host raucous sleepovers. Suffice it to say, Kathleen is absolutely thrilled that Alex is coincidentally marrying another Joyce (not related!) and will share the same last name as her. Kathleen is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people, and Alex can’t wait for you to meet her!

Jaime Ketchabaw

Best Man

Jaime and Joe’s friendship started in high school when they played baseball and football together, participated in the school musical, and took accounting class together. Joe has never had a better teammate or companion than Jaime. Jaime is fiercely loyal, hard-working, and competitive, which are all qualities that Joe has looked up to and tried to adopt (though on a much smaller scale). Jaime was the first of Joe’s childhood friends to meet Alex and instantly knew they would get married. Though he already has enough brothers, Jaime has always treated Joe like family and for that Joe is eternally grateful.

Andrew Silver


Andrew and Joe met in first grade and their friendship grew exponentially over time as they attended summer camp and played on a soccer team together. Throughout the years they have enjoyed cooking and travelling together, tapping into each other’s recommendations, and pelting each other with acorns, just to name a few. To put it simply, they love each other’s company. Andrew is unrelentingly loyal and the best listener Joe has ever met. Joe knows he can confide in Andrew with anything, and Joe considers himself very lucky to have Andrew as one of his groomsmen.

Greg Press


Greg and Joe have been friends ever since they hit it off in first grade. Greg’s nonchalant demeanor is something that Joe has always looked up to and greatly enjoys. Although typically an area of bonding, Greg and Joe have respectively ruined several video games for each other by unapologetically dominating the other. Greg has provided Joe with invaluable advice and insights during some of his toughest days. Joe is immensely appreciative to have someone as loving and kind-hearted as Greg in his life and as one of his groomsmen.

Jordan Wurtzel


Jordan has been one of Joe’s best friends since 1999. Growing up, Jordan was a stand-in brother for Joe; they could often be found playing any variety of sports in their street’s cul-de-sac. Jordan has shown Joe unwavering love and support throughout Joe’s life. Jordan is also the reason that Joe is a Jets fan, which is the only time he has led Joe astray. Joe couldn’t imagine going through any of life’s major milestones without having Jordan by his side and Joe is exceedingly grateful to have Jordan as a groomsman.

Jake Barrella


Jake and Joe met in 4th grade and were attached at the hip shortly thereafter. Growing up, Jake and Joe played baseball together, hung out every day during their summer breaks, and took Italian class together for 7 years, all the while sharing countless laughs. Jake is extremely loyal and supportive; to Joe, Jake represents everything a true friend should be. Although Jake now lives in Virginia, Joe continues to spend time with Jake hanging out virtually, playing video games, sharing more laughs, and seeking out Jake’s wisdom.